Our Values


First and foremost we are artists. We want to create the best film possible but can only do so when we are given complete creative control. Trust us to interpret your story and then use our skills as artists to craft a film that we are proud of. As filmmakers, we are very serious about channelling styles of minimalism, simplicity, purity and modernism into a complex and engaging film.


When representing a wedding couple we, want to tell their true story. A lot of information can be squandered and time wasted when truth isn't the focal point of the story. We have found that when clients and couples are open to being vulnerable their stories have so much more of an impact. Nothing in our films is scripted or set up. We promise to capture the moments of your day naturally.


We like to keep things simple, and we believe this is reflected through our packages and the films we create. A bride and groom's lives are hectic during the time before a wedding. We'll keep things straightforward and simple.

Who are we?

Scott Belanger is the owner of Our Atlas Films, a subsidiary of Belanger Media, LLC. Scott acts as the director of the cinema team. Team members are professionally trained and picked by Scott Belanger to work along with his cinema style. Scott enjoys the fast-paced nature of wedding cinematography and the unpredictability it brings. There's nothing better than catching an unexpected moment between friends and family that may have easily been forgotten. A wedding goes by faster than you can believe, and we capture the moments, big and small.

Here's what we do.

It's important to us that our couples know exactly what to expect from us. We've been doing this for a while, but we can't expect everyone to read our minds. We'll do our best to explain our process below.


Sometimes we totally nerd out and forget that most people don't know what we're talking about when it comes to filmmaking. Everyone has their niche and ours is video production. To make things easier, we try to explain processes and terms in a simplified manner to help our couples, but sometimes it is still too confusing. To try to help make communication better, we've broken down our terms.

Coverage refers to the time spent by our cinematographer(s) filming your wedding. There will either be two or three cinematographers working. We will make a decision about our team size based on your wedding's size and events. You will not be charged extra for an increased number of team members. Having this team allows us to cover more angles and capture more footage. It is especially helpful to have multiple people on cameras during the ceremony, first look or reception dances and speeches. WE DO NOT BILL BY THE HOUR. We arrive earlier than needed and stay until the end of the wedding. You can be sure that we'll be there to capture the whole day, no matter how long it lasts.

To be more specific, a cinematographer as compared to a videographer is a term to describe their attention to capturing more of a story-based film. All of our second cinematographers at Our Atlas Films have been trained by Scott Belanger on how to shoot in his style and work on a wedding team-based project. We like to think of ourselves as professional filmmakers who shoot weddings.

The highlight film is the main piece created from your wedding footage and depending on the amount of coverage recorded at your wedding and the package options chosen, the highlight film can be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. This film is the best edit that we can create and features detailed story-based video editing, audio design, color correction and industry standard file processing.

The delivery of your wedding package is guaranteed on the two-month anniversary of your wedding day. We'll stay in touch with you in the months after your wedding and keep you up to date with our progress. The final package you will receive is a bubble wrapped envelope containing all of your material. Your wedding films are contained within a flash drive as well as 2 DVDs. Your videos will arrive in multiple file formats to ensure that they are playable on any computer or USB-compatible device. Your highlight film is also uploaded on YouTube so you can watch online and share with your friends/family.

Wedding Package Details

Our package is created to be simple, yet include everything needed for most weddings. Rather than require you to tediously compare multiple wedding packages, we chose to have only one package with optional add-ons. Customize your package with additional enhancement options below. Depending on the location of your wedding, travel and accommodation costs may be added to your package. Georgia sales tax is already added.

Additional Add-Ons

Documentary Edit - The doc edit is a great way to see a lot of footage that didn't make it into the highlight film. See a chronological view of your day from start to finish. This includes full length scenes from the first look, ceremony, first dances, cake cutting, and speeches as well as other footage from the rest of the day. ($250)

Extended Highlight Film - The highlight film is the best part of the package. We offer a 5-8 minute film by default, but we would be happy to give you a longer edit. Your extended highlight film will be 12-15 minutes. It will include extra shots from every part of the day. ($200)

Digital Hard Drive Delivery - Receive all of your archive files on a Western Digital hard drive that you can keep for your records. You can click through and explore the raw footage to see some of the shots that didn't make the cut. ($200)

Aerial Footage - Flying cameras are great. They'll give you an overhead view of the wedding or reception venue that we can't reach without a remotely-controlled helicopter. With this upgrade, you'll see a few shots in your highlight film and documentary edit that are taken from above. Prices will vary based on location and time. (~$400)

10 aspects of a couple and their wedding that we absolutely love

You use your ceremony as an opportunity to express your love for each other with unique custom vows.

You are a couple that wants to share their wedding celebration with friends, family and the world.

You communicate with us before, during and after the wedding. Be sure to use emojis to your heart's content.

You are honestly getting married because you think your future spouse is the cat's pajamas, awesome sauce and/or totally dope.

You trust our team. We care just as much about the perfection of your video as you do. We take pride in our films and we refuse to give you a cookie-cutter video. Your video will be unique to you.

We need people to respect us the day of the wedding. Proudly let your friends and family know that you're going to have a team of filmmakers working to craft a beautiful film. The more help and positivity surrounding your wedding, the better your wedding film is going to be.

When your anniversary rolls around, your first thought is to share a few tears, laughs and memories with your better half while re-watching your wedding film. Share it with your friends and family on social media and make sure to tag us!

You have been waiting for the perfect chance to show off your design skills and the day has finally come. We love when we can point a camera anywhere and make a scene look great.

Your wedding is filled with natural locations, outdoor ceremonies, unique events and things that make us say, "Wow, I've never seen that."

We identify with progressive couples who throw away tradition in order to make their own.

What's next?

Send us a message! We try to be as clear as possible, but you may still have questions. Head over to the contact page and ask away! We're happy to answer questions you may have.