Who are we?

Scott Belanger is the owner of Scott Belanger Films, a subsidiary of Belanger Media, LLC. Scott acts as the director of the cinema team. Team members are professionally trained and picked by Scott Belanger to work along with his cinema style. Scott enjoys the fast-paced nature of wedding cinematography and the unpredictability it brings. There's nothing better than catching an unexpected moment between friends and family that may have easily been forgotten. A wedding goes by faster than you can believe, and we will capture the moments, big and small.

Here's what we do.

It's important to us that our couples know exactly what to expect from us. We've been doing this for a while, but we can't expect everyone to read our minds. We'll do our best to explain our process below.


Professional Cinema Team - Weddings require a minimum of two shooters. Scott will bring one videographer with him to assist in capturing secondary angles. Some weddings (especially those with many locations) could benefit from a third shooter. We will sometimes use a three-person team with your approval. This will not change the price. Scott is the lead shooter on every wedding.

All Day Coverage - We'll save you the stress of setting start and end times. We're happy to shoot whatever you feel is important to the day. This usually means arriving toward the second half of hair and makeup in the morning. We usually stay long enough to get all the reception events and some group dancing, but we are happy to stay for the exit if requested.

We'll make a really awesome film - We LOVE making wedding films. It's a fast-paced, emotional, and extremely creative process that we find very rewarding. We try new things to set the bar higher with every film. We will never give you a film that we aren't proud to show.

Cloud Delivery with MediaZilla - You will receive all of your films through the cloud using MediaZilla. Think of MediaZilla as an online DVD or Blu-Ray. MediaZilla has personalized menus similar to a DVD or BluRay. Through MediaZilla, you can download your films, share them with friends, and stream on all your devices. Ask us for a sample MediaZilla collection if you'd like to check it out! DVDs can also be ordered as an add-on listed above, but we think most people won't need DVDs anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I like the style of a specific film you've made. Can my film have that?

A: Sure! Every film of ours is a little bit different, and we'd be happy for you to let us know what you like and dislike. For example, some couples love when we ask them questions on camera and put their responses in the film, but some are more camera-shy and would prefer to not be interviewed. We would be happy to know your preferences.

Q: I want to make sure (blank) is in my film. Can you remember to include that?

A: Yes! We know that you probably have relatives you want to see in your film or maybe there is a hand-made decoration displayed during the reception. Please point out to us anything that you would like to be included in your video and we will do our best to capture it.

Q: What kind of camera do you use?

A: We love using the Sony A7sii along with other Sony Alpha cameras. These are small, DSLR-style cameras that allow us to capture the day discretely and easily even in low-light situations. We do not use large shoulder mounts. Footage is shot in 4k resolution and delivered in full HD.

Q: Will I need to wear a microphone?

A: We usually put small microphones on the groom (and sometimes the officiant) during the ceremony. The bride does not have a microphone attached because sound is picked up from the groom's microphone. The last thing we want is to put a black microphone on your white dress.

Q: Can you use this song in my film?

A: Due to copyright laws, we license all of our music through Music Bed. Any videographer who uses unlicensed music in wedding films runs the risk of the video being deleted or a potential lawsuit. Unfortunately, that means we won't be able to include your favorite Taylor Swift song.

Q: My wedding isn't in Atlanta. How much do you charge for travel?

A: All weddings within a 100 mile radius of Downtown Atlanta will have no travel fees. Let us know where the wedding is and we'll let you know if it is an option. We don't mind driving a bit.

10 aspects of a couple and their wedding that we absolutely love

You use your ceremony as an opportunity to express your love for each other with unique custom vows.

You are a couple that wants to share their wedding celebration with friends, family and the world.

You communicate with us before, during and after the wedding. Be sure to use emojis to your heart's content.

You are honestly getting married because you think your future spouse is the cat's pajamas, awesome sauce and/or totally dope.

You trust our team. We care just as much about the perfection of your video as you do. We take pride in our films and we refuse to give you a cookie-cutter video. Your video will be unique to you.

We need people to respect us the day of the wedding. Proudly let your friends and family know that you're going to have a team of filmmakers working to craft a beautiful film. The more help and positivity surrounding your wedding, the better your wedding film is going to be.

When your anniversary rolls around, your first thought is to share a few tears, laughs and memories with your better half while re-watching your wedding film. Share it with your friends and family on social media and make sure to tag us!

You have been waiting for the perfect chance to show off your design skills and the day has finally come. We love when we can point a camera anywhere and make a scene look great.

Your wedding is filled with natural locations, outdoor ceremonies, unique events and things that make us say, "Wow, I've never seen that."

We identify with progressive couples who throw away tradition in order to make their own.

What's next?

Send us a message! We try to be as clear as possible, but you may still have questions. Head over to the contact page and ask away! We're happy to answer questions you may have.